A short project where we could make the difference

Innova Customer Portal

Team Resilience  met  with Innova Energie in December 2019.   Having built a customer portal in OutSystems, Innova still had a couple of issues that needed to be fixed.  In just one month, we delivered.  

In January 2020, Team Resilience joined the Innova development team. Their wishes and issues were already well defined, and we could  start discussing improvements. One of our  challenge s was to quickly dive in the  existing  Innova Customer  Portal, getting the gist of the energy business.  The main challenge:  Innova wanted to lighten the huge load that their customer service was currently experiencing.

A Very Tight Timeline

Once again, a well thought out team took up the challenge  of delivering on our promise.  After a 2-day introduction to the project, the team was ready to start.  Working together with Innova’s customer service team and their development team, they  exchanged knowledge,  useful additions, and  customer experiences.   

As we had to work within very tight timelines, the implementation had to be done swiftly. Actions that were manually by the customer services team before,  now  are automated by a  dynamic back office. For example, automatic emails, improved logging in process, and implementation of a new API that handles calculations while maintaining performance.


To conclude,   we had a short period of time where we could make the difference, and we did. Automating many actions that were done by the customer service team before, is going to lighten their daily load, and improve the customer journey as well.  All while maintaining performance.  





Client: Innova   Year: 2020  

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