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Get to Know our Team: Vincent

Updated: Jun 2

Team Resilience keeps on growing and growing. As you might've read from the previous posts, we started with introducing our amazing team members. This time we asked Vincent , one of Team Resilience's founders!

When starting Team Resilience, you had a certain view of what kind of people to hire. What is a must-have for a Team Resilience member and why? 

At Team Resilience we are looking for Team Members with a growth mindset. Some people believe that your talents, intelligence and abilities are fixed: you have to do with what you have. These people have a fixed mindset. On the contrary, we believe that you can always develop yourself. That is what we call a 'growth mindset'. If you have a growth mindset, 'practice makes perfect' is your motto. You are willing to keep doing your best, even when things get difficult. You like to work together, because you can learn from others. And unlike someone with a fixed mindset, you are not afraid to make mistakes. Because you understand that stepping out of your comfort zone is the best way to learn something new.

"We believe that you can always develop yourself"

You are one of the first crayons in the box that is called Team Resilience. Which colour are you and why?

Red, because that's a color that expresses strength. 

What are you known for in the office? (e.g. lame jokes, always on time etc.) Please give an example as well

Chocolate. A coffee is delicious but that includes a piece of dark chocolate with a cocoa percentage of 72 percent. At Creative Valley we have the advantage that AH is just around the corner and is open early so that the stock can be easily maintained.

"There are many challenges, and they are always different depending on the phase of the company. That's what makes it so much fun to start a business and to develop it further. "

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve encountered so far?

There are many challenges, and they are always different depending on the phase of the company. That's what makes it so much fun to start a business and to develop it further. Think about finding the first Team Member and customer in 2019. Or doubling the size in 2020, growing to over 20 team members. Not because of the numbers but to be relevant.  Moreover, a significant factor is to keep the right balance between work and private life. In general, there is always something to do: How to deliver innovation to our customers, how to improve our business model, how to retain the right talent, etc. You are simply never done.   What are you currently watching on Netflix?

No Netflix for me. I always have a book in my bag. There is so much knowledge available and accessible by simply spending a little time reading. That's why every Team Resilience Member can order unlimited books. We are all knowledge workers and it is important to keep learning. A few reading tips if you would like to start: "Grit" by Angela Duckworth about the special blend of passion and persistence which is so characteristic for people with a growth mindset. 

Or an old-time classic and I would say, must-read, like Dale Carnegie's "How to win Friends and Influence People" which will help to  turn your relationships around and improve your interactions with everyone in your life. 

Have fun reading and please let me know if you have any books you would like to recommend.


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