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Get to Know Our Team: Marcel

Team Resilience keeps on growing and growing. As you might've read from the previous

posts, we started with introducing our amazing team members. This time we asked Marcel, one of Team Resilience's founders!

When starting Team Resilience, you had a certain kind view of what kind of people to hire. What is a must-have for a Team Resilience member and why?

In short: it’s the right attitude. Why? Because I strongly believe in team members who:

· are open to challenges

· get motivated by difficult situations or even setbacks

· love to work in a team

· are not afraid of making mistakes

You are one of the first crayons in the box that is called Team Resilience. Which colour are you and why?

Red, it used to be the colour of my hair… :-)

"I strongly believe in team members who are open to challenges"

What are you known for in the office? (e.g. lame jokes, always on time etc.) Please give an example as well

In my non-executive role, I tend to focus on the bigger picture more than on day-to-day operations and this drives the kind of behaviour I am known for, I guess. For sure I am perceived to be a coffee lover (small quantities, high quality), both in Creative Valley and at home. As an example: the Team Resilience COVID-19 working-from-home survival package I received, was hand-picked by our team member Tyler with an excellent choice of beans (and no tea). What an attention to detail!

"It is often said but very true: starting is the hardest part."

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve encountered so far?

It is often said but very true: starting is the hardest part. Who will be our first customers? Who will be the first team members that fit the profile we are looking for? How much time do we have left before we need to send our first invoice? So not one, but a whole variety of challenges – for me definitely the biggest hurdle so far.

What are you currently watching on Netflix?

My most recent favourite watch was “The show must go on” about the band Queen. I was really impressed with how a young performer (Adam Lambert) has inspired a couple of veterans of rock music (both aged well over 70 by now) to again perform over 200 live shows around the world and put a really big smile on their faces. “Fresh blood” as Queen guitarist Brian May puts it in the movie. At a very different level, it made me (in private life a grandfather and 60 years of age) think of all the youngsters at Team Resilience, their energy, and the privilege I have, to be able to share decades of professional experience with them. It really makes Team Resilience the unique company we were aiming for as founders. Truly remarkable.


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