OutSystems Tech Leads


Our view: in the wrong hands and with the wrong approach, the speed and power of the OutSystems low-code platform can easily be misused, leading to applications with serious maintainability- or performance issues.


Unleash the full potential of the OutSystems platform

At Team Resilience, from experience, we know that skilled developers make all the difference. Do you agree? Do you know hands-on what it takes to unleash the full potential of the OutSystems platform? Do you like to lead low-code projects in the right direction, coach associate low-code developers to do things right the first time, define companywide OutSystems Best Practices and Standards, explore and implement the latest OutSystems platform technologies? Are these the kind of things you are passionate about? Then we are definitely interested to get in touch.


At Team Resilience we value professionals who:

  • are open to challenges, as opportunities to learn and for personal growth

  • get motivated by difficult situations or even setbacks 

  • love to work in a team, as they can learn from others

  • are not afraid of making mistakes, because they know that’s how real experience is built

Get the picture? Curious?

For the right type of OutSystems Tech Leads we have awesome job opportunities. We will give you the chance to unleash your full potential. Feel free to let us know if you want to learn more.

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