OutSystems Academy

The best people who work with the best low-code platform in the best possible way.

Low-code strategy

OutSystems shows stellar growth rates. Lots of enterprise companies are adopting a low-code strategy to innovate and burn down their backlog. 

How can we deliver on this low-code promise?

Committed to Growth

At Team Resilience we are committed to grow the OutSystems ecosystem. We will turn high potentials into experienced OutSystems developers with the right product and soft skills who master a proven methodology to deliver effective OutSystems solutions fast.

How do we do that?

OutSystems Academy Value Proposition

We are leveraging a format for an Academy that we personally have delivered successfully in other technology areas at large scale:

Procam recruits the best young professionals, with an optimal fit for a career in OutSystems and provides them with a balanced soft skills program.

Team Resilience will give these young professionals a solid foundation in OutSystems through an 8 weeks deep dive, consisting of product training; methodology and applying these in a real-life customer project.

After the deep dive, Procam and Team Resilience will coach the young professionals intensively and provide quality assurance for 2 years, resulting in certification as Expert OutSystems Developer.

Our Brand Promises

On Day 1 you will have a productive Associate level OutSystems developer on your project.

After 2 years, you will have an Expert level OutSystems developer on your payroll, who can compete with your top experts.

Are you in need of highly qualified OutSystems expertise?

The Next Academy is soon to start!

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